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Cluj Cowork is the best office I’ve ever worked in. The space is amazing, there are always events going on and the other coworkers are nothing short of an extended family. If you spend enough time outside you may also get introduced to Junkie, the coolest yellow lab you’ll ever meet.

by Mihai

The desks are big and sturdy and we can’t suffer from claustrophobia here. There is always place for socialization, whether you wait while the awesome tasting coffee brews, or participate in the occasional barbecues where everybody, freelancer or employee, congregates

by Leon

I’ve been a regular here at Cluj Cowork for over a year now and I’ve really enjoyed working here. The location is great, the work space is inviting and spacious but it’s the community of hard working, respectful yet enjoyable people that keep me coming back each week.

by Lucas

Cluj CoWork is a great place to work, to meet like-minded people and to get connected to the IT community in Cluj. I’m thoroughly enjoying my stay here and would recommend to anyone looking for a place to work to give it a try

By Attila

What is Cluj Cowork

Do you want to work in a group of community-minded entrepreneurs and freelancers passionate about their work? Are you looking for an inspiring environment which gives you motivation to work and space for generating new ideas?

We can help you! Cluj Cowork offers a great environment to work on your ideas. Organized in an historical place, Cowork offers flexible working desks, studio for brainstorming collaboration and client meetings.

FREE Coffee & Fruits

Fresh fruits and tasty coffee were ever since a tradition in our space

Strong Wifi Connection

Our Internet setup is the best, No disconnections or speed issues.

Friendly Community

Make new friends/partners & find help if you get stuck.

Hot-sit desks!

Our hot sit system is great, you get to seat wherever you want!

Check us out! 🙂

23rd Emil Isac
Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, 400023 Romania
Daniel Prindii: +40749 935 500