It all started on 5th of December on the legendary year 2011. The tribe initiator, Robbert, who was already living in Cluj for 5 years, identified several opportunities for such a business. He was moving around a lot of programmers and IT people thus he believed they need a dedicated space where freelancers could work and build a network. Cluj is also proving for several years already that it is constantly growing in terms of investors and business opportunities. Moreover, it is every day home for more and more cultures.

At first, Cluj Cowork consisted of three rooms, at ground floor, while fresh fruits and tasty coffee were ever since a tradition in our space. Since August 2012, we are counting nine rooms summing up to 400 square meters of coworking space. Seven of them are dedicated for hot-seat desks, while the biggest one for meetings. The last one is planned to be the relaxing room, therefore we are just working on the details and implementation.

In terms of meetings, as of August 2013, we have hosted more than 30 events which have impacted hundreds of people. Every week, there are two NGOs which are working on their amazing projects in our space. In terms of events’ topics, IT wins by far, however, we are already working to diversify the offer.

Informally, you must know that every Thursday we are having lunch together. That is also the moment we gather together, chit-chat and find out incredible things on different topics.

What else is happening in the house? Board games evenings and Sangria nights. All for the sake of getting to know each other, for relaxing and be more productive the following day.