At ClujCowork we will name the best room for your needs

Located in the heart of the city, on Emil Isac no.23 street, Cluj Cowork is known for the friendly atmosphere and the unique design style. If you are new to coworking and decide to come by, one of the first things that will impress you is the classic accents of the building that once upon … Continued

Let’s volunteer not only for Christmas

Being a volunteer helps people become an improved version of themselves. I know that to be true – I would not be the person I am today without the years of volunteering behind me. That is why I always tell every single person I meet, to get involve in any cause they believe, because the … Continued

We were visited by Secret Santa @Cluj Cowork

Last week was a week full of Christmas Spirit here at Cluj Cowork, and we were brought together on Thursday december 15th, by Secret Santa him self. Everyone at Cluj Cowork was designated to bring a small joy to someone here, and to mark the event, we organized a lunch for all. Home made food … Continued

Sofar Event here at Cluj Cowork

Have you ever heard about Sofar music events? Well, you should, because is a really great musical concept, a global movement that┬árecently arrived in Cluj. Sofar is about cool intimate musical gigs, that usually take place in a living room, that creates a powerful energy during the concert. Is about music lovers brought together face … Continued

Happy B-day Cluj Cowork

Many moons ago, on December 5th 2011, we began a new adventure called Cluj Cowork. We are really really excited and because it’s our birthday we want to share our joy with everyone and give you an overview of facts and figuers: We are the first Coworking space in Transylvania We have 9 cozy rooms … Continued