At ClujCowork we will name the best room for your needs

Located in the heart of the city, on Emil Isac no.23 street, Cluj Cowork is known for the friendly atmosphere and the unique design style. If you are new to coworking and decide to come by, one of the first things that will impress you is the classic accents of the building that once upon a time belonged to Emil Isac itself.  Once you get inside you can notice a casual, yet professional setting, where people sit at big desk with their devices plugged in, focusing on work.

Our cowork spans on two floors with nine rooms, two toilets and a kitchen. Each room has a unique personality – some rooms are quieter, others encourage you to socialize or make new connections, but one trait is common to all the rooms – there is always place for a little bit of fun and joy.  I believe that this is one of our most treasured values as we believe that work shouldn’t be dull and boring but rather joyful and employee-friendly.

In spite of having true personalities, we discovered a few months ago that our rooms were lacking something.  You guessed it? They didn’t have a name! That’s why we decided to go on the mission to find some great names for each and every one of them.  Our quest ventured us in the IT industry of the 70’s, when  Smalltalk, Flow-matic,  Simula, Dart, Scheme, OCaml, Eiffel, Fortran and Speakeasy were actual programming languages widely used at that time.  Following the names you can see in the space plan where each room is situated. You should know that eight out of the nine rooms are dedicated for work – on the first floor we have Smalltalk, Flow-matic and Simula and on the second floor Dart, Scheme, Cobol, Eiffel and Fortran. The ninth room – Speakeasy (situated at the second floor) is our event room, where meetings and conferences take place regularly.

Come and discover for yourself each room or stay tuned to see more photos!