Sofar Event here at Cluj Cowork

Have you ever heard about Sofar music events? Well, you should, because is a really great musical concept, a global movement that recently arrived in Cluj.

Sofar is about cool intimate musical gigs, that usually take place in a living room, that creates a powerful energy during the concert. Is about music lovers brought together face to face and enjoying art.

A few weeks ago, our lovely Cluj Cowork hosted the third edition of Sofar Sounds Cluj, that takes place once a month.

The key point of this events is that you have no idea who will play, and also the venue is revealed just a day before the concert. Therefor the excitement is at it’s highest when you arrive. Although we were already here at the venue, the enthusiasm was still high when the bands were reveled. The acts we had were Mongooz and the Magnet, Luna Amara and Les Nuages, Alex Munteanu and Ferencz Aron.

The entire 3 hours the music played, everything else faded away. We were all in sync and got the point of Sofar events. It is an entirely different experience to listen to music in an intimate place like a living room. It’s a cozy and personal experience that is worth your time.

We are glad as Cluj Cowork to be hosting this kind of events, full of passionate open minded people that have drive to bring their ideas to life. Sofar is a great example of this, from a simple idea, now is a global concept that takes place in 296 cities.

Until the next event, here are some photos from the concert taken by Raluca Popa & Calin Tamas.