StartUp Weekend Cluj 17- 19 March

This spring will take place an event in Cluj Napoca, dedicated to entrepreneurs and those passionate about it and apps.

StartUp Weekend Cluj, now at its 6th edition, manages to stop time for an entire weekend and transform the place into an incubator of productivity.

The concept is simple: people with business ideas have one minute to pitch, then others “shop” and according to affinities, teams are formed. Then during 54 hours, from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon, the teams work on a prototype that can be either a web page or an app.  They don’t work alone, but under the supervision of mentors, people with experience in the field that give advice and direction for the developing product.The idea is that at the end the product must have a minimum of functionality. The final presentation should focus on  scaling and revenue. At the end of the event the best product wins. It sounds good, but it’s even better.

I’ve participated to SW three times so far and the experience was always similar. I felt that i was hooked the entire weekend. I must admit that it was one of the best project I have attended and also it brought me a great deal of benefits. Best networking ever and a few cool projects. Some of the most talented people I know and still talk to and consult with, I met at StartUp Weekend.

Cluj Cowork is a big fan of this events, we support them because we are oriented in growing and connecting this community of entrepreneurs.

We encourage you to go to SW, no mater what field you specialize in. This is not an event exclusiv for it people, it’s an event for those who want to be part of a team that brings something new into the market, that innovates and loves adventure.

The event will take place in 17-19 march at  Exclusive Catering Events (B-dul 21 Dec 1989, nr 128-130). Tickets are still in early bird faze and you can find them here.  All meals are included.
Good luck, because fun I know you will have.