We were visited by Secret Santa @Cluj Cowork

Last week was a week full of Christmas Spirit here at Cluj Cowork, and we were brought together on Thursday december 15th, by Secret Santa him self.

Everyone at Cluj Cowork was designated to bring a small joy to someone here, and to mark the event, we organized a lunch for all. Home made food and sweets were part of the celebration where we received a present form a secret someone and got to spend some time together. The most common question of this meet up was: And what did you get?

The main idea is that we had a lot of fun, and the energy was just right to make everyone feel that “Christmas is coming to town”.

Below you can find some pics of us exchanging gifts, eating and socializing.

If you want to be part of if it next year, come and visit us anytime 🙂 We’ll give you a tour or our lovely Cowork.